Tailored School Supply Kits 

We make back-to-school shopping easy and affordable for parents by partnering with schools to offer pre-packaged school supply kits customized to each grade. The program is free and effortless for schools to run, and we offer an optional donation match program to support classrooms! 

Our Simple Six Step Process


We give schools a kit cost estimate for each grade.


We create a customized portal for each school.


We help schools share the solution to parents.


At checkout, parents have the opportunity to donate.


Kits will be shipped directly to the school.


We match a percentage of each donation!


A High-Quality Kit Tailored To Each Classroom Need

We understand that each grade at every school has a customized approach to education and curriculum. This is why we work with your school to create a tailored kit for every grade. We want to make the shopping experience for parents accessible and simple so each child comes prepared on the first day of school to learn and grow.

"Ordering Impacks was so easy and totally worth it! We skipped the craziness and didn’t have to deal with our local stores being out of stock. We will do it again!"
Cara S., Parent
Big Lake Liberty Elementary


This option is convenient for both the school and families. We take a 3-hour shopping nightmare and turn it into a 30-second shopping dream. On top of that, we give classrooms an easy way to fundraise!


Parents spend an average of $140.39 on school supplies for each student per year. Impacks aims to save parents money on the school supplies their child needs. Our average school supply kit is $50.

Mission Driven

As a business rooted in social impact, we want to create a world where every student has what they need to succeed. That’s why we match a percentage of each donation made by parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are unable to do single orders. Instead, we partner with schools to customize each supply kit to their classroom needs. Interested in getting Impacks at your school? We can help. Get in touch here.

The cost of each kit will depend heavily on the amount of supplies needed for each grade. Generally speaking, our kits are priced competitively or more economically than big box stores and online solutions.

All orders must be placed before July 15.

We will arrange to have them delivered before your open house for the upcoming school year.

The kit will be shipped directly to the school, where parents can pick them up during open house or on the first day of class.

The products are the same you’d see in any big box store or online store. We default to high-quality name brand products, but we can substitute for affordable alternatives if requested.

We’ve talked to a lot of parents, and for most it’s an inconvenience. Don’t worry, however. Parents will still get to shop with the kiddos for clothing, backpacks, and any other products that don’t come in the kit. And the best part? Each kit is wrapped in tissue, so kids get to open it like a gift! 

This depends on the supplies list for each school. We cover most areas, but there will be some additional items that parents will need to get on their own, like gym shoes.

Big box stores will often take a loss on some popular school products (like Crayola products, for example) in the hopes that parents will overspend in other areas. That’s why parents spend an average of $140.39 per student, per year. Our supply kits are very competitive, averaging around $50 per kit. As for Amazon, pricing only becomes economical when buying in bulk, which most parents are unlikely to do.

They come from us. We’re mission driven and passionate about creating a world where students get to start the year fresh with the supplies they need, no matter their economic situation. That’s why we donate a percentage of our profits back to our partner schools via a donation match.