We’re on a mission to build a better world.

Impacks was born from a desire to fix some of the disparities that many students across the country face in school every day.

It all started when Brandon and Clare Richards volunteered at a backpack and supplies event for their local United Way in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. The event was hosted by Rotaract, a service organization the duo had founded in 2015.

The event uncovered some shocking and disturbing facts about the struggles students face, both locally and nationally. Poverty, access to food, and access to educational resources – these are just a few of the challenges over 6 million students face each year.

This sparked the idea to create a company with the goal of supporting students, educators, and schools. Impacks was designed to offer an easy way for schools to raise money so they can better provide for their students. We put the power in the hands of the parents and their schools.

We are a mission-driven company. That’s why we donate a percentage of our profits back to our partner schools via a donation match. We’re building a better world for our students.



Clare & Brandon Richards