Out-Of-The-Box School Supply Drives

School supply drives have changed in a post-pandemic world. The needs of classrooms are extraordinary, yet in-person supply drives continue to decline. We help your organization achieve meaningful school supply drives virtually, while working directly with schools to make sure needs are met. We offer out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to classroom support. 

School Supply Drives Are Changing

As the workforce continues to move to a remote or hybrid environment, collecting supplies at the office is more difficult than ever. On top of that, school supply lists are very specific. Teachers and students need reliable, quality supplies. They don’t need off-brand, clearance, or random items. Rather than folders and notebooks branded with movie characters, teachers and students need specific colors that correlate with course requirements. That’s why Impacks works directly with the school to identify specific needs, and then gives organizations a way to engage staff and community members virtually in supporting classrooms.

How it Works


You pick the school or district to support.

Not sure? We’re the school experts. We can help you select using school-specific data to identify the students within your region most in need.


We coordinate with the school or district.

We customize the drive to the school or district’s specific requirements so students get what they actually need and waste is minimized.


You set the donation campaign budget.

You can set a flat budget that your organization would like to contribute, OR we can help set up an employee/community donation campaign.


We order all the school supplies needed.

We have negotiated pricing with key brand partners, like Crayola, Ticonderoga, and more. We order supplies based on the budget set.


Supply kits are packed and shipped.

Our team can pack these kits in-house, OR we send supplies directly to your organization to be packed by your employees or community volunteers.


We deliver a donation receipt.

We coordinate with the school to generate a donation receipt for your organization based on the value of the school supplies donated.

"Impacks was great to work with because they did all the legwork in communicating with the school to make sure we donated supplies that would be most useful, all while working within our donation budget. We're a community-focused bank, so it was great to give our employees a way to impact local students!"
Bruce Powlish, AVP, Customer Service & Sales Supervisor
Gate City Bank, Waite Park, Minnesota

How to Set a Donation Budget

Setting a campaign budget is an important step in the school supply drive process. While the needs of each school and district vary, the average school supply kits for a student ranges from $30 to $50. That means a $5,000 budget will result in between 100 – 166 students supported for the year. We require a minimum campaign budget of $2,000.

Option 1

You determine an amount you would like to donate to a school or district, based on how many students you intend to impact.

Option 2

We set up an online portal for your employees or community to donate online. Many companies offer to match donations.

"We formalized our partnership with Impacks and our community responded! We gave people the option to buy full and partial [school supply] packs, or give in any dollar amount they could. This was the answer to a local need, that we knew we couldn’t ignore. When the packs were delivered to each school there were sighs of relief, tears of joy and lots of elbow bumps!"
Jessica Houle, Senior VP of Development & Community Engagement
United Way of Central Minnesota

Create a Memorable Event Experience

Impacks can pack the donated supply kits from our warehouse and deliver directly to the school. But many companies are looking for a deeper experience that will help employees and community members feel connected to the project. They can do this by hosting a packing event.

Packing events offer a meaningful and memorable experience, without requiring much work on your part to facilitate. We deliver the exact quantities of supplies along with easy-to-follow packing instructions. We also create customized marketing materials that your team can use to promote.

Want to deepen the impact? Invite a representative from the school or district recipient to speak to volunteers. This is a great way to enhance the connection to the mission, and add an educational element to the event.

About Impacks

Impacks is a tech-powered business that simplifies back-to-school shopping for parents, teachers, and school administrators. We’re based out of St. Cloud, Minnesota, and we serve schools across the country. We’re rooted in a social-impact methodology, and we focus on making school supplies more accessible for families.

In addition to helping organizations facilitate meaningful school supply drives, we also partner directly with schools to give their parents a way to buy affordable school supplies online. We offer customized, prepackaged school supply kits tailored to each grade within a school. At check-out, parents have the opportunity to donate. If they do, our business will match a portion of those donations. Learn more about our school pre-packaged supply kit program here.